Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wish List: High Street Edit

Current wish list across the high street includes the 7 products listed above. Im now moving away from my winter wardrobe and looking for inspiration to bring me into spring/summer. I've opted for a lighter colour palette, and thinner fabrics, keeping in mind that I live in England where the weather can be slightly unpredictable, it's important that I have a variety of options that can cater for this. 
The pieces I've chosen are really simple, totally customisable which is important to me, and can be worn in many different ways with other items, so I will be definitely getting my moneys worth from each piece. 
I consider these items staples, easy to wear everyday necessities which is so important to have before you start buying into trends, which if you do straight away can leave you with the classic syndrome of having 'nothing to wear'. 
The fabrics I've chosen are all jersey which is great for curvy figures, and as I have big boobs the V-neck shape in the T-shirts are a perfect compliment to that. 
I've included a pair of trainers which is what I seem to live in lately when I'm on the go and want to be comfortable, and are a really modern design, again with colours that I know will compliment loads of my outfits choices. 
Ballerina flats, and a classic black bag are timeless items that work every year and for any season. I love to update the styles that I choose for this a couple times during the year, just to keep things fresh and modern. 

What's on you current wish lists? 

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