Sunday, 20 April 2014

Take My Breathe Away: Alexa Meade

'Self Portrait'

I am beyond excited to share this amazing artist Alexa Meade that I stumbled upon whilst spending endless hours on the internet. Her work is ' Breath Taking' ! I couldn't believe that what I was actually looking at was real people, and not a 2D painting. You see what Alexa skilfully does is paints over the surface of live models and objects into backgrounds, breaking down key intricate features and details. She then photographs her work and as a result what we are left with are phenomenal 2D looking paintings, where her objects and backgrounds merge to become one surface…. I am speechless!

As a LA native her work as been exhibited at numerous places such as National Portrait Gallery in Washington, the Postmasters Gallery in New York, and the Saatchi Gallery in London. 

Her work causes you to pause and look a little closer, as her ability to execute her art is almost a trick of the mind, and a thought provoking brilliance. 

Please do check her work out, you are sure to be stunned! 

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Who are your favourite artists, and why? 

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